The Kubasonics are arguably
Newfoundland's finest Ukrainian band.

This ever-evolving group boldly goes where others fear to tread. Their repertoire takes listeners on a wild ride from exotic folk to garage band rock, from country twang to funk and from punk/ska to good old barn-burning polkas.

Their trademark sound combines top-flight musicianship spiced with quirky humour, a dizzying array of exotic traditional instruments, and their eclectic high-energy stage show has something to please all tastes.

Before relocating to St John's, The Kubasonics enjoyed many great successes. They’ve produced four CDs featuring their unique mix of traditional and original music that has been broadcast on four continents, and the group’s music has been featured on television, in films and on a number of prestigious compilations. They’ve performed in concerts and Festivals across North America and Ukraine, have collaborated with other performers and ensembles in a variety of exciting projects and have received awards for their innovations in traditional music.


The Kubasonics are (L-R) -

Darren "Boobie" Browne - guitar

Maria Cherwick - violin

Brian Cherwick - accordion, tsymbaly (hammered dulcimer), assorted other Ukrainian folk weirdness and vocals

Matt Hender - bass

Jacob Cherwick - drums